The Best Responsive WordPress Themes of 2014

While the statistics may differ somewhat as to just how much often people use their mobile devices for surfing the Internet, it’s safe to say that it’s becoming more and more common. According to some studies, mobile Internet isn’t just for sending emails and for Facebook. For example, many shoppers have now begun to research items and read reviews online before they make a purchase. All these underscore the need for websites to be responsive—they have to look good and still be functional whether the site is being viewed on a desktop monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone.

For WordPress sites, therefore, the theme must be responsive if you have any hopes of becoming relevant for modern online visitors. Here, then, are the best responsive WordPress themes for this year:

1. WP Pro Real Estate 6

This theme is quite versatile, and it can be used by a real estate agent, an experienced blogger, an online magazine publisher, or any small business owner. It offers numerous post and page layout options, a couple of slider options, and video support as well.

WP real estate resonsive theme

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