The Best 3 Photography WordPress Themes

The days are long gone when professional photographers need to either convince a gallery to showcase their work or publish their own portfolio themselves. Amateur photographers are no longer consigned to just putting their snaps in albums as well. With the internet, everything can be done online. More to the point, with WordPress themes your pictures can actually be presented alluringly and even amateurs can look professional in their presentation.

If you’re passionate about photography and would like to display your works on the Internet, here are the best WordPress themes for photography that you can use on your website:

1. Fullscreen

Everything looks better when it’s bigger, and Fullscreen offers (guess what?) full screen options to display your work. Regular views are excellent as well, with a choice between lightbox and photoswipe options. Numerous layout options are available, along with other custom features in this responsive theme.

Fullscreen theme

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2. Glare

Fully responsive and flexible, you can choose between a homepage with a photo slider or with a full-screen background video. Designed with photographers and models in mind, portfolios have never been so easy to display.


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3. Origin

If you like to just post lots and lots of text, you may want to consider using pictures to tell your story instead. The fully responsive Origin makes it easy for you to do exactly that, as the available tools enable you to create stunning layouts right from the start.

origin theme


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With these Photography WordPress themes, we’re quite sure your website will turn out nicely!  There are still a lot of other themes that we can think of to include in this list however the ones we’ve mentioned are by far, the best. We welcome your opinions, suggestions, and comments. It’s always great to hear from your readers!

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